Monday, March 5, 2012

Can I Play With the iPad?

The Princess likes to get up early in the morning. Really early. But since daddy doesn't have to leave for work until Olyut leaves for school, we like to sleep in a little.

"But it's a little bit lighty out, that means its day time", she'll say when we try to send her back to bed.

We want it to be more than a little lighty out when we get up, so daddy came up with a brilliant idea. He changed the setting on our Netflix account to only show family friendly selections, we give The Princess the iPad in the morning, she climbs back in her bed to watch Dora or The Backyardigans, and we get to sleep a little longer.

 Most mornings it works beautifully. But every now and then there is a hiccup or two.

 Like one morning last week.

"Not right now, Sweetie Pie. It is downstairs charging right now."

This particular morning Daddy had gotten up early to handle some work problems and she didn't realize he answered her from the bathroom. Or that he hopped in the shower before she could ask again.

And she especially didn't realize that Olyut had gotten up even earlier than she had and crawled in bed with me. She was shocked by these revelations. But not too shocked to give Olyut a piece of her mind.

He just thought it was funny.