Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Year Later

Wow. It's been an entire year since I posted here. Ridiculous.

While there really is no excuse for that, there are a few things this past year that kind of monopolized my attention.....

1.  Four days after my last post, I turned 30. This time last year I was pretty weirded out by that. I was preoccupied by the thought of leaving my 20s behind and all that I had failed to accomplish. BUT my friends and family, mostly my mom, threw me a super cool Disneyland themed (yep, I'm still a kid) surprise party. I felt pretty darn special. And then I realized that thirty isn't really a big deal. And my thirties are going to rock!

2. Once I had gotten over myself and decided thirty isn't so bad, I found out my Dad had skin cancer. I had a really hard time with that. My mom had been begging him to get this particular mole checked for years. YEARS. And there were other concerning growths besides that one. At the beginning no one was very convincing in assuring me it would turn out ok.

I may or may not have kind of shut down at that point. I mean this was my DAD. The man I could always turn to for advice or comfort. A real constant in my life. And suddenly we were all faced with his mortality. And it freaked me right out. My brother and sister had not gotten married yet, would he be here to meet their spouses or watch them get married? My husband and I weren't finished having children, would my dad be here to cuddle my youngest child as he had the others? How would my mom survive all of this?

Luckily, the test results were on our side despite things not looking so great to begin with. He is cancer free and doing very well. He even goes to the doctor regularly now. And he'll keep that up if he knows what's good for him.

3. Not too long after we had all recovered from the cancer scare, my husband and I discovered we were expecting our fourth child. Just nine short months after welcoming our third child. This fourth pregnancy was, by far, the toughest. I was more sick in the beginning, more sore and tired throughout, and had high blood pressure at the end. Add that to being a pretty cranky pregnant lady anyway and taking care of two kids and a baby and, mind just wasn't on blogging.

But now we have a healthy baby and a happier mommy. I'm ready to get back to keeping a record of this fleeting childhood years.

It doesn't hurt that my husband bought me a fancy new iPad to use just for this purpose ;)