Thursday, May 9, 2013

Daddy Is Most Definitely Not Oprah

Daddies know about a lot of things. My Dad knows everything...just ask him. And my husband knows a few things about computers. Ok, he knows a LOT about computers. And providing for our family. He knows about politics, music and movies. He even knows a thing or two about Oprah. 

Everyone knows about Oprah, right? Even if you never watched her show, I'm sure you've seen her "Favorite Things" show spoofed on Saturday Night Live. Or when she was on 30 Rock.....LIZ LEEEMMMMON!!! Right? 

Please tell me my huband and I aren't the only ones that Oprahfy things. 

Even though he really does know a lot, there are some things he doesn't get. One thing my husband doesn't know so much about? Taking the kids to the pediatrician. That's usually my domain. I take the kids. I fill out the paperwork. I ask the questions and fill prescriptions and follow doctor's orders. And I'm the one that eases the kids' minds when they are certain they'll have to get shots. 

Maybe I lie. Actually, I definitely lie. Half the time I lie by avoiding the shot question altogether. The other half, I lie through my teeth......"nah, I'm pretty sure there won't be any shots today". Because I know what happens when they know they're getting shots. The crying and the screaming. Hiding under the back seat when we get to the office. And hiding under the table when we get to the exam room. So yep, I lie. 

But Daddy doesn't know about all that. Or at least he didn't before he helped me take the kids to get their flu shots last fall. 

He offered to help since he had some vacation days he needed to use and because I was about seven months pregnant and already extremely uncomfortable. So he stayed home, got everyone dressed and ready, and started loading them into the car. All while I began formulating my lie to answer the inevitable questions. 

"Mommy, where are we going?" asked Olyut

"We have an appointment with the doctor today, buddy", I replied. 

"THE DOCTOR??? Are we gonna get shots??"

Before I had the chance to even open my mouth, my husband chimed in.....Oprahfying the entire situation. 

"YEEEEESSSSSS!! We're going to the DOOOCCCCCTTTOORRRR!!! And EVERBODY is getting a shot". 

He then pointed to each individual child 

Obviously after all that, we had three screaming/crying children in the backseat.

Now Daddy knows. He knows exactly what not to do on shot day. Luckily, the kids still think he's cooler than Oprah.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Real Mom

I just got back from grocery shopping. It's been a lot longer than I care to admit. But as I was wandering aisles with my two youngest kids and then later as I was filling the pantry and fridge with food, I felt like a real mom.

I know I AM a mom. Everyday, I'm a mom. But there are certain things I do that make me feel more motherly, I suppose. Oddly enough, that list doesn't include wiping noses and bums or even doing laundry.

The things that make me feel more like a real mom are things like grocery shopping. Or driving carpool. Going to after-school activities and parent/teacher conferences. And check-ups at the pediatrician. I don't know why those are the things that make my list. I'm guessing it has something to do with how I felt as a child, while watching my own mom do those things.

What about you? What makes you feel like a real mom/dad? Or if you don't have kids, what makes you feel like you've officially "grown up"?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Beautiful Things

The Princess is obsessed with all things beautiful. If something is sparkly or shiny or one of her favorite colors then she must have it, or at least tell someone about it. She points out all of the beautiful things she finds each day. Under normal circumstances I would be concerned about a person described in that way. I would worry that such a person was superficial.

 But I'm not worried about The Princess. She finds EVERYTHING...and everybody, beautiful. No lie. It's one of the qualities I love most about her.

She points to people in Walmart, at the mall, the gas station, and Costco and exclaims, "oh Mommy! Aren't they just beautiful?!".  I hate to admit it, but a few times I have thought to myself, "really?". It seems I have a thing or two to learn from my sweet five year old.

She isn't afraid to approach people and tell them how beautiful they are. The list of people she has told is quite long.....

Miss Nettie, her preschool teacher
Her best friend's mom
The greeter at Walmart
The cashier at Walmart
The cashier at Costco
The bank teller
Her teacher at church
A few random people at the park
The waitress at dinner the other night
Our neighbors
The other moms in our carpool
The receptionist and nurses at the pediatrician's office

And that's just in the last week or so!

Just yesterday, on her field trip to the fire station, she raised her hand just to tell the fireman that he is handsome. She is known to talk very softly, so I had to repeat it so he could hear. Which I found slightly embarrassing. But, you know what? I think it might have just made that fireman's day!

Who doesn't love to be told they're attractive? And how many of us have been brainwashed by the world around us to believe, at least at times, that we aren't worthy of such a declaration?

I hope my Princess always searches for beauty with more than just her eyes. I hope she continues to feel beauty with her heart. And I really hope, when the world tries to convince her that she isn't beautiful, that she will listen to me as I boldly proclaim how amazingly beautiful she is! And as I try teach her all I know about true beauty.

And I hope she believes me when I tell her that I learned it all from her.