Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Fun

After occupational therapy on Saturday morning, we stopped to visit my parents. We decided it would be fun to walk over to The Lion House Pantry for lunch with the kids since they had never been there before. The kids each got the chicken tenders with mashed potatoes and green beans. The Princess ate about as much as she ever eats. Olyut ate almost all of his food, minus his green beans, PLUS three quarters of a roll about the size of his baby sister's head.

Pretty soon he was rubbing his tummy and wiggling in his seat trying to keep himself from falling into a food coma. He was really full. I was slightly concerned at one point that he was going to lose his lunch. Luckily that was something we didn't have to face...that day anyway. But soon the questions started.

"when can we go back to Papa's house?"
"what's taking so long?"
"why are we still here?"
"when is everyone else going to be finished?"

All while he was flinging himself around on his seat. But then he caught a glimpse of something that demanded his full attention. He bolted upright and his eyes opened very wide. "WOW! Daddy! You must have eaten a lot too! Your tummy looks REALLY full!"

I guess Daddy and I have a few more lbs to lose than even we thought.

A couple more gems from the weekend....

"Today would be a really bad day if you got run over by a train" and "Daddy, you taught me to be weird. It's the only thing you ever taught me".


  1. "Daddy, you taught me to be weird. It's the only thing you ever taught me". Hahahaaa! That is so funny!

  2. I think I have to agree with the comment about BeebJ teaching the kids to be weird. Maybe it isn't the only thing he's ever tried to teach them, and you do let them hang around Brent, but I'd say it's fairly accurate! :) Love you guys and your crazy, silly kids!