Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Soon-to-Be Mrs. Moses

My best friend is getting married! In roughly 18 hours she will marry the man of her dreams and create a new little family and live happily ever after. I am so excited we get to be here in Colorado  to celebrate with her.  And I am so, SO excited for her!

Because really, she is awesome! So awesome that I can't possibly do her justice by trying to explain.  That's not going to stop me from trying.

We met at church when we were seven years old. My family just moved to the area and she was the only girl in a church class full of boys.  And I don't mean just a couple boys, I mean like ten boys. First impressions weren't great....I thought she was a nerd (which she isn't) and she thought I was stuck up. Let's face it, I was a little bratty. Luckily, our mothers knew better and arranged a sleep over, and we've been friends ever since.

She is so kind and fun and thoughtful. One time, her family went to Europe and she brought me back a real live, actually from France, French beret. I think I wore that thing so much I wore a hole right through it. She had one too, and we would jump on her trampoline pretending to be sisters that both made the French Olympic team. The French Olympic trampoline team apparently.

Then one Christmas, we both got American Girl dolls. We played with those dolls until we outgrew them, and maybe even after. The only time we didn't have those dolls right with us was when we were trying to prove that they got up and moved around on their own when we weren't there. We would pose them and then leave the room for a while so we could come back and catch them in different poses.

As we grew older, we dreamed of of pooling our money together and buying a green convertible with tan leather interior that we could share through high school. But before we could even realize how impractical that dream was, my family moved away. Then we moved again. And again. And again.

She proved to be a great friend through all of it. Our mothers helped to make sure we stayed in touch by organizing weekends together throughout the years. Even though she made new friends, she was there for me when I struggled with not really having friends or having friends that weren't always the best example. She always had a way of convincing me of my own self worth while keeping me accountable for some of my not so great choices. I remember her saying things to me like "you know you're better than all of that, right?" And a would reevaluate, because her opinion really mattered.

It still does.

She has always been there for me. When Olyut was born premature, she came to visit him in the hospital. She comes to visit whenever she is able. She was there with me at my wedding. Now it's my turn to repay the favor.

And I can't wait :)

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  1. She is the bestest friend any girl could ever have and I am so grateful she is yours!